Garhpalace – Garh palace, Bundi


The Garh Palace and Taragarh Fort is the private property of “Kuldevi Aashapura Mata Ji Trust” and Bhanwar Jitendra Singh Jee of Alwar

Raja Rao Surjan Singh The 14th Rao of Bundi, R. 1554/1585, along with his second son, Bhoj Singh began the construction of the fort and palace that can be seen today at Bundi.

Rao Raja Bhoj Singh (born c. 1551) R. 1585-1607, second son of Rao Surjan Singh, began a new free-standing palace structure. He built the ground level of the palace, hathiyansal, an audience hall named after the elephants that crown its columns. The middle level of the palace, Phul Mahal, also has pillar capitals with elephant. The upper most level, Badal Mahal, is named for the images of gods and celestial beings that inhabit the skies painted on the ceilings.

Rao Raja Ratan Singh, R. 1607-31 son and successor of Rao Bhoj Singh, built the Hathipol and Ratan Daulat which together transformed the visual impact and the public role of all palace spaces. These additions provided a new monumental entrance and a far grander audience hall. 

Rao Raja Chhatrasal (aka Shatrushal), R. 1631-58, Grandson Of Rao Raja Ratan Singh and son of Kumar Gopinath Singh (born 1589;deceased before accession), was responsible for the construction of an imposing monolithic structure in the southeast corner of the complex as a further addition to the Chhatar Mahal. 

Rao Raja Bhao Singh, (born 1624) R. 1658-82, son of Rao Chhatrasal, did not build within the fort walls, instead he developed a new palace site known as Moti Mahal. 

Rao Raja Aniruddha Singh, (born c. 1667) R. 1682-95, nephew of Rao Bhao Singh, extended the palace with the addition of Aniruddha Mahal and the Chitra Mahal. The palace and various extensions associated with Aniruddha Singh, complete the major structures seen today within Bundi Fort. 


Maharao Raja Buddh Singh, (born 1685) R. 1695-1729, son of Rao Aniruddha Singh.

Maharao Dalel Singh of Karwar, R. 1730-1748, Jaipur installed him as a puppet ruler on the Bundi throne. 

Maharao Umaid Singh, R. 1748- 1770, son of Buddh Singh.

Maharao Ajit Singh, R. 1770-1773, son of Umaid Singh,

Maharao Bishen Singh, R. 1773-1821, son of Ajit Singh, an infant at his succession. 

Maharao Raja Ram Singh Bahadur R. 1821–89, son of Maharao Bishen Singh.

Maharao Raghubir Singh Bahadur R. 1889–1927, adopted son of Maharao Raja Ram Singh.

Maharao Raja Shri Sir Ishwari Singh Bahadur R. 1927-45, son of Maharao Raghubir Singh 

Maharao Raja Shri Bahadur Singh Bahadur R. 1945-77, son of Maharao Raja Ishwari Singhji Bahadur. 

Maharao Raja Shri Ranjit Singh Bahadur R.1977-2010, son of Maharao Bahadur Singhji Bahadur.

Phool Mahal
Jhoola Chowk
Chattar Mahal
Badal Mahal
Ratan Daulat
Akhade Mahal